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Economic difficulties experienced by Turkish Cypriots discussed in Brussels

Head of the Republican Turkish Party (CTP) Women’s Branch Doğuş Derya, met with the member of the European Parliament (EP), Foreign Affairs Committee Standing Rapporteur for Türkiye and Subcommittee on Human Rights Nacho Sánchez Amor, in Brussels.
Derya touched upon the economic, social and political consequences of the continuation of the Cyprus problem during the meeting held with Sánchez. Doğuş Derya stated that North Cyprus being left out of the Eurozone and having its EU acquis suspended is deeply affecting all sectors due to the inflationary effects of the Turkish Lira. Derya also spoke of steps that could be taken by European Union to increase the economic and social relations between the two communities.
Underlining the importance of the EU financial and technical support provided to South Cyprus to combat the Global Climate Crisis, Derya said that steps could be taken within the framework of the ‘Green Deal’ if the same support was given to the local authorities in the North as well.


European Parliament Foreign Affairs Committee Standing Rapporteur for Türkiye Nacho Sánchez Amor expressed satisfaction at being informed on the Cyprus Problem and the current needs of the Turkish Cypriots. Amor underlined the importance of preserving the social existence of the Turkish Cypriot people and noted that they will do their best to give a hand of support.

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