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Wild Donkeys in Dipkarpaz (Rizokarpaso) are damaging crops!

Dipkarpaz (Risokarpaso) Environment Conservation and Social Activity Association announced that now is the harvest season in Dipkarpaz (Rizokarpaso), and Karpaz (Karpasia) and that wild donkeys are damaging the crops in these regions.
The Head of the association Fırat Borak said that the locals of Karpaz are in a very aggrieved situation due to the failure of a lasting project being implemented for years against wild donkeys.
Borak noted that this grievance undermines the Karpaz people economically.
Borak issued a call to the Ministry of Tourism and the Environmental Protection Department for solution proposals to be evaluated for the adoption of donkeys, either domestically or internationally in light of scientific data, where all stakeholders are at the same table with a permanent policy.

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