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Vaccination against sheep-goat pox completed

Minister of Agriculture and Natural Resources Dursun Oğuz (North Cyprus), announced that vaccination against sheep and goat pox has been completed.
Oğuz stated that no cases were found in any other barns except for the 3 barns that were first detected with the disease.
Oğuz stated that Gazimağusa (Famagusta), Tuzla (Ekgomi), and Güvercinlik (Acheritou) villages were put under quarantine on May 27 and that other animals were not allowed to enter or exit the three regions until July 27.
A total of 17,059 sheep and goats have been vaccinated in 240 farms located in Gazimağusa (Famagusta), Güvercinlik (Acheritou), and Tuzla (Ekgomi) regions it has been reported.

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