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United by pride: “Where we meet across the divide”

Christothea Iacovou

Second annual “United by Pride” march unites LGBTQ+ Community in Cyprus’ Buffer Zone


The Buffer Zone of Cyprus was once again transformed into a powerful symbol of unity and inclusivity as the second annual “United by Pride” march took place on Saturday, 17th. Organised by prominent LGBTQ+ organisations, including the Cyprus Queer Association and Accept-LGBT Cyprus, the event brought together individuals from diverse backgrounds to advocate for love, acceptance, and equal rights.

The two parallel marches commenced from Eleftherias Square and Kougioulou Park and converged at Ledra Palace in the Buffer Zone. Participants proudly waved rainbow flags and chanted slogans promoting love, acceptance, and equal rights. The event, also, included a party and drag queen shows that added to the celebratory atmosphere.

Representatives from LGBTQ+ organisations emphasised the significance of the march in promoting dialogue and acceptance. By transforming the Buffer Zone into a canvas of love and acceptance, the LGBTQ+ community has demonstrated the power of unity and shattered barriers. The “United by Pride” march resonates beyond its immediate celebration, inspiring future generations to embrace diversity, challenge prejudice, and advocate for equality.

The event, also, served as a transformative experience, uniting participants with feelings of unity, happiness, and hope. It reinforced the resilience and determination of the LGBTQ+ community to overcome challenges and create a safe space for all.

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