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Traffic accident on Girne-Tatlısu main road!

Two people were injured in an accident that took place on the Girne-Tatlısu main road at around 5 pm yesterday.
According to a police report, a 47-year-old driver of a ZNH 090 registered vehicle who was heading towards Tatlısu, carelessly turned right without waiting for the vehicles coming from the opposite direction and accidentally hit Ataberk BLACK SEA (M-19) driver of FM 523 registered vehicle.
The driver of the ZNH 090 registered vehicle which collided to the right side of the road after hitting the first vehicle, then crashed into David Michael EBSWORTH (E-71) driver of the UK 049 registered vehicle.
Atitalina PETROVA (F-32) and Arina PETROVA (F-7), who were passengers in the ZNH 090 registered vehicle were injured following the accident and taken to Girne Dr. Akçiçek State Hospital for treatment. An investigation into the incident continues.

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