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Tradesmen at the Girne Antique Harbour call for compensation for their losses!

Shopkeepers and business owners at the ancient harbour of Girne (Kyrenia) call for the restoration efforts at the ancient harbour of Girne to be completed and the harbour to be re-opened to the public and tourists.
The tradesmen and business owners from the habour, handed a notice to the Ministry of Tourism, Culture, Youth, and Environment, who they hold responsible for the loss and damage they have suffered due to the failure of the project not being completed on time.
The notice comprises a payment request to be made within 15 days for the loss of income due to delay. Otherwise, legal action will be filed against the ministry.
Referring to the problems experienced due to the work not being finished on the given date, they released a press statement at the Girne Antique Harbour on the grievances experienced due to the Infrastructure, Environment, Restoration Arrangement, and Development Project taking place at the harbour and warned that due to the setback of work on the project, much more serious grievances would be experienced.
Reşat Günhan who read out a joint statement on behalf of the Girne Antique Harbour shopkeepers and business owners reminded that the tender for the restoration work at the harbour was opened in September 2022 by the Ministry of Tourism, Culture, Youth and Environment and that the project duration was given between November 28th, 2022 until April 30th, 2023.
The scope of the project included the undergrounding of the infrastructure, sewerage, and electrical cables, ground replacement at the harbour, road lighting, exterior restoration of buildings, and removal of the deviated structures, the statement read.
“As far as we understand, the project and planning were tendered before the official development approval process was received. We have still yet to receive a clear response to our questions on whether the project has been approved or not” Günhan said adding that for months tradesmen and business owners at the harbour have been victimized as they are not earning an income which is leading to their bankruptcy.

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