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The Queer Cyprus Association releases a new research

The Queer Cyprus Association has released the research titled “Curriculum Gap Analysis in The Context of LGBTI+ Inclusivity in the northern part of Cyprus.”

The research conducted within the scope of the Rainbow Project, funded by the European Union under the Cypriot Civil Society in Action VII Grant Programme and implemented by the Queer Cyprus Association, has been published and made available online.

The research contains important data and evaluates how gender equality and LGBTI+ issues are covered in the education curriculum.

The research aimed to evaluate the textbooks used at primary, secondary and high school levels in the northern part of Cyprus from the perspective of LGBTI+ awareness and gender equality. In this study, which was carried out using the content analysis method, all textbooks used in primary, secondary and high schools in the northern part of Cyprus constituted the population, while the sample selection was limited to 48 textbooks, taking into account expert opinions. The research was conducted by expert teacher Yasemin Taneri and research consultant Çağrı Peköz. Damla Kodan, Kayra Gutan, Raşit Kutlu and Yassine Chagh took part in the data collection phase.

In light of the findings, it was observed that there was no LGBTI+ inclusive content at any grade level, and the textbooks were prepared with a heteronormative and sexist approach. The majority of the primary school textbooks contain sexist and homogenizing assignments that reinforce gender stereotypes.

Visuals and texts containing sexism and heteronormative impositions declined with increasing grade level, and high school sociology and psychology textbooks contained data on inclusiveness. In these two textbooks, where topics linked to human rights and diversity such as feminism, violence, gender, racism were covered, no data on LGBTI+ inclusivity was found.

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