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Technical studies of the interconnector system project between Türkiye-North Cyprus completed!

An interconnector system project which aims to provide energy to North Cyprus from Türkiye has gained momentum.

The North Cyprus Minister of Economy and Energy Olgun Amcaoğlu issued a statement on the Joint Energy Working Group established in cooperation of the two countries, stating that studies for the project that began 6 years ago have almost been completed.

Amcaoglu said:

“The submarine electricity connection with Türkiye will significantly increase the electricity quality on the North Cyprus grid. The connection will benefit the system in terms of frequency health, security of supply and many other technical aspects. Meanwhile, it will maximize the amount of renewable energy that will be added to the system.”
Minister Amcaoğlu stated that frequent power cuts are being experienced in the country’s electricity grid and noted that a great contribution will be enabled following the connection of the cable to North Cyprus.
Amcaoğlu stated that the cost of the interconnector system will be determined within one year at the latest and that authorization agreements will be signed between the two countries soon. Amcaoğlu said that the project will have a length of approximately 85 kilometers.

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