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TDP announced its by-election candidate as Tacan Reynar

The Social Democratic Party (TDP) announced former senior judge and lawyer Tacan Reynar as its candidate in the by-election to be held on June 25.
According to the statement by Reynar’s press office, an introductory press conference was held in Lefkoşa (Nicosia) yesterday afternoon.

TDP leader Mine Atlı said that as the party they were determined, to once again, have a word of say on the political agenda of the country. Atlı declared Tacan Reynar’s candidacy stating that they were taking action to bring the country out of its deadlock, to achieve hope again, and to tirelessly speak of and create a world and Cyprus we dream of.

-Reynar: “We will again raise the struggle by facing the facts”

Tacan Reynar spoke of the experienced developments in the country in recent years, the moment he handed in his ‘judge robe’, and also why he has submitted his candidacy in the upcoming by-election.

Speaking of the Adıyaman-centered earthquakes that took place in Türkiye on February 6, claiming the lives of 49 Turkish Cypriot citizens, including the “Champion Angels Team”, Reynar also commented on the aftermath of the earthquake.

Referring to the attack against Afrika newspaper five years ago, Reynar spoke about handing in his ‘judge robe’
Reynar said:
“First we faced the attacks on the journalists’ freedom of expression. Someone was saying, ‘No you can’t write, no you can’t speak’
Restrictions were being enforced on the Constitution’s freedom of expression, criminal cases were constantly being filed so that journalists could be imprisoned, pressure on press employees was increasing, and day by day they were being threatened with losing their livelihood.

Now we have more ‘Urban Security System’, and more cameras on our streets, but there is an increase in lurking criminals.

With the Cybercrime Law being passed, the press is under greater control and more surveillance of citizens.
Patriots who exercised freedom of expression were detained upon entering Türkiye and then deported. We were being unwanted; we were found objectionable. Reynar said, “This is our homeland, we can only raise the struggle by facing the facts”

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