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Six new traffic cameras will put into operation next Tuesday

Six new traffic cameras fixed at four points in Nicosia ( South) and Limassol.
According to in-cyprus, the traffic cameras will be put into operation next Tuesday.
It is stated that Department of Electromechanical Services completed all inspections of the system on Monday.
The operation of the cameras at the four new locations completes Phase A of the traffic lights detection system which included the operation of cameras at a total of six locations.
As planned, two Phase A cameras have already been put into normal operation on Limassol Avenue at its junction with Armenias Street. And another four cameras on Griva Digheni Avenue at its junction with Prodromou Avenue.
The new cameras that will be operational immediately after the religious and popular holiday of Kataklysmos (Flood) will be located at the following points in Nicosia:
—Makarios Avenue at its junction with Spyros Kyprianou Avenue and Digheni Akrita Avenue (Lykavitos traffic lights). A total of three cameras will be in operation.
—Strovolos Avenue at its junction with Machera Street (near Pepsi Kola). Again, three cameras will be in operation.
In Limassol, the following two points have accommodated the new cameras:
—Makarios Avenue at the junction with Nikos Pattichi Avenue (four cameras).
—The intersection between Archbishop Makarios and Agias Zonis avenues (four cameras).

( Source in-Cyprus)

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