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Single-use plastic products banned in North Cyprus!

It has been announced that single-use plastic products have been banned in North Cyprus.
In a statement by the Environmental Protection Department, it has been announced that the “Regulation on Reducing the Impact of Single-Use Plastic Products on the Environment” has come into force today.
According to the regulation, free or charged single-use plastic products will be banned in North Cyprus as of today. Accordingly, single-use plastic products will be prohibited for distribution and for promotion or special offer purposes.
Disposable plastic products on the market include:
“Single-use cotton buds except for medical use; disposable cutlery (forks, spoons, knives), plastic plates, plastic cups, plastic stirrers, plastic straws except for medical use; sticks for balloons (except for non-consumer industrial use); disposable dishes for fast-food made of plastic, and expanded polystyrene, and products listed above made of bioplastic.”
The sale of banned products should be notified to the Environmental Complaint Hotline number 123.

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