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Shortage of gas cylinders in North Cyprus!

North Cyprus is experiencing gas cylinder shortages. The demand for 10 kilograms (kg) of domestic cylinder gas has increased following claims that the government will be introducing an increase.
While importers suffer low gas stock, markets are experiencing gas shortages, it has been reported.

According to Bağımsız Newspaper, those who attempted to buy bottled gas yesterday either returned from the markets empty-handed or had to wait in long queues.

The General Manager of Cyprus Turkish Petroleum (K-PET) Malik İşimtekin for his part stated that they were not experiencing any gas cylinder problems and that there was enough gas at markets, but that the ship carrying the gas would arrive to the island tomorrow.
Stating that the shortage of gas can be eradicated from South Cyprus, İşimtekin said that this would be costly, “We do not want to do otherwise the difference will be reflected on the public. If we bring 1000 tons of gas from South Cyprus, the cost will be reflected the public as 450 TL instead of 250 TL.
Therefore, there will either be a two-day delay or expensive gas sales will take place,” he said.

Erten Necat, one of the directors of JET-GAZ said that the consumption of gas in May was higher, why they did not know, and that, therefore, this reflected on the stock at the gas company.
Necat said that they were unable to fill cylinders for the past two weeks.
KOOP Gas Manager Nevzat Nevzat who also spoke on the issue said that to prevent the victimization of the public, the sale of cylinders will only continue on the condition of “giving 1 cylinder” to every citizen.

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