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Police 2023 report: 20 traffic accident deaths in Northern Cyprus!

Traffic accidents in North Cyprus in the first five months of 2023 have reached the same number as in the whole of last year.
North Cyprus Traffic Director of the Police General Directorate İbrahim Ulusoy who spoke to the Turkish Agency Cyprus (TAK) said that, up until the end of May this year, 20 people lost their lives in traffic accidents in contrast to a total of 24 deaths last year.
Speeding and alcohol are the top two causes of accidents.
There are 120 fixed speed detection cameras throughout Northern Cyprus. In addition to speed cameras police are on patrol with random checks, Ulusoy said.
Stating that the police patrols are effective on the drivers, Ulusoy said, “Police patrols partially reduce the number of accidents”.


Ulusoy noted that any individual with a foreign valid driving license can drive in North Cyprus until their visitor permit expires. Following one month after the expiry date of their visitor permit, the individual then needs to exchange their foreign driver’s license for a TRNC driver’s license, he said.
Ulusoy stated that there is an existing agreement between the Republic of Türkiye and the TRNC and that according to that agreement, the Republic of Türkiye licenses are exchanged for TRNC driving licenses.
As for other nationals, once they obtain a provisional driving license, they then need to complete 10 driving lessons, (a minimum of 5 days of 8 daytime hours and 2 nighttime hours) to qualify for a TRNC driving license.

Ulusoy said that driving lessons can be taken at driving schools.

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