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No space for customs and police office reserved at new Ercan Airport!

It has been reported that space for an office for customs and police officers was forgotten while the new Ercan Airport building was being constructed.
Speaking to Bağımsız TV, Minister of Public Works and Transportation (North Cyprus) Erhan Arıklı spoke of the construction of the new Ercan Airport terminal that has been delayed for years.
Arıklı stated that an area for customs and police officers had been overlooked during the construction process, “A temporary area will be arranged for customs and police officers Arıklı said and added that a solution will be found to this issue.


Meanwhile, speaking to Yenidüzen News, Chairman of the Union of the Chambers of Cyprus Turkish Engineer and Architect (KTMMOB) Tunç Adanır said, “We were told the available buildings were to be used, we had previously warned them but our warnings fell on deaf ears.”
Also speaking, former Minister of Public Works and Transportation Hamza Ersan Saner, who privatized Ercan Airport said, “There were things to be done by both the state and the investor company. These were to be done by the state. Therefore, nothing was forgotten, it was simply not done.”
Another former Minister of Public Works and Transportation Tolga Atakan who made a statement on the issue said that the process of the construction work at both buildings had not been followed.

Head of Air Traffic Control Union Cem Kapısız also spoke to Yenidüzen saying that “Two empty buildings were put aside for the customs and police officers. This does not solve the problem. Having no building allocated for the customs and police is a job half done”.

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