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New electricity tariffs to be valid as of Friday

The Cyprus Turkish Electricity Authority (KIB-TEK) announced the new tariffs that will be valid as of tomorrow (Friday). It has been reported that single and multi tariff electricity rates has increased.

According to the new tariff, the first single rate of 0-250 kWh for domestic use has been increased from 2.5199 TL to 2.6963 TL; the 251-500 kWh from 5.1986 TL to 5.5625 TL; the 501-750 kWh from 5.5897 TL to 5.9810 TL; the 751-1000 kWh from 6.0590 TL to 6.4831 TL, and tariffs for domestic use over 1000 kWh has been increased from 7.2321 TL to 7.7383 TL.

The multi tariff electricity rates for domestic use during the peak period (between 5 p.m – 10 p.m) has increased from 7.1919 TL to 7.6952 TL; from 5.1987 TL to 5.5625 TL during mid peak period (between 7 a.m – 5 p.m) and from 3.4270 TL to 3.6668 TL during off-peak period (between 10 p.m – 7 a.m).

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