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“Mixed voting is being scrapped in North Cyprus”

Amendments are being implemented to the Election and Referendum Law in order to abolish mixed voting in the elections.
The proposal for the draft amendment law, which foresees the abolishing of the “mixed vote” method, was presented to the public.
Opinions and suggestions, provided they are directly related to the content of the Bill, can be submitted by legal persons in writing to the Republics Assembly within 20 days following the publication of the proposal in the Official Gazette.
The purpose of the law proposal is to regain the prestige of the political parties in the country and to increase the fairness, transparency, and applicability of the democratic structure.


The head of the Supreme Court Narin Ferdi Şefik noted that the number of voters in the by-elections to be held on June 25 was 209,837. Şefik also made evaluations about the scrapping of mixed votes. She said that over 60 percent of the mixed votes were deemed invalid in the last elections and that it was inevitable that something should be done.
Şefik also reminded that the political parties that will participate in the elections have to determine their candidates by 31 May.

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