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Ministry of Foreign Affairs: “It is time to review our relations with the EU”

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (North Cyprus) stated that it cannot accept the involvement of the European Union (EU) in the Cyprus issue.

“It is time to review our relations with the EU and bring it to a respectable level,” the Ministry statement read.

The statement is as follows:

“The new leader of the Greek Cypriot Administration Nikos Christodoulides’ latest unrealistic statements proved that he is only after one thing. It is unrealistic to expect a different understanding from the New Greek Cypriot leader, who is one of the main architects of the failure of the last attempt aimed at an agreement based on a federation held in Crans-Montana.
The Greek Cypriot leader Christodoulides calling for the EU to have a more active role in the negotiations process is nothing more than a repeat of the decade-long manifestation of the Greek Cypriot policy. The EU’s pro-Greek Cypriot stance has blocked the way for an acceptable agreement in Cyprus and has served to perpetuate the status quo. The EU’s responsibility for the Cyprus issue has not been forgotten. The EU violated the EU membership criteria and the 1960 founding treaties by accepting the Greek Cypriot side into the block.
We would like to express that we cannot accept the involvement of the EU, which continues to maintain this understanding, on the Cyprus issue.
It is time for us to review our relations with the EU, which has an understanding that is far from showing the treatment that the Turkish Cypriot people deserve and uses its so-called financial aid as an instrument against us. We must strive to bring our relations to a respectable level…”

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