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Medication shortage protest!

The Health Associations Platform protested against the shortages of medication and medical supplies in front of the Finance and Health Ministry.

A press release was read out by the President of the Cyprus Turkish Orthopedically Disabled Association Günay Kibrit during the protest held.
Noting that health rights have been violated in the country for years, Kibrit stated that the problems of individuals with chronic diseases, disabled individuals, and tens of thousands of people who need health services and medical supplies for acute reasons are growing all the more and are deprived of contemporary health services.

Stating that, despite previous actions taken, the Health Ministry and Finance Ministry have not fulfilled their responsibilities, Kibrit said, “Without up-to-date public health services, not just the chronically ill, but no one is safe. The struggle waged for years is for everyone who cannot access medicine and treatment, whose quality of life is declining due to this, or whose life is at risk… The right to health is the right to live. The right to health cannot be postponed for any reason and concessions cannot be given to this right.

Minister of Health İzlem Gürçağ Altuğra said that the lack of production and financial hopelessness created a great problem in attaining medication. Altuğra said that they received promises from the Minister of Finance to allocate more money to the Health Ministry budget.


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