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“Life After Prison” event has been launched

The opening event of the “Life After Prison” project, implemented in cooperation with the Cyprus Turkish Bar Association and the Human Resources Management Association, was held.
The project funded by the European Union within the scope of the EU Assistance Program for the Turkish Cypriot community which was enforced March 22, 2023, will last for 30 months with a total budget of 195 thousand 768 Euros.

The project aims to contribute to the prevention of the reoccurrence of a crime and the social integration of ex-convicts in North Cyprus by focusing on capacity building and the improvement of local legal texts.
Firstly, within the scope of the project, training in capacity building will be held for the members of the Cyprus Turkish Bar Association and the Human Resources Management Association.
Following this training, plans will be carried out in three areas related to detecting the legal gaps, reaching the number of ex-convicts working in the private sector, and the rate of both the working life and the re-occurrence of crimes committed by ex-convicts.

Once all of the data is obtained arrangements of legal texts will be revised and various trainings will take place.
As part of the training program, ex-convicts will be able to benefit from the training during their employment process.
As part of the ‘Life After Prison’ project, primarily social workers, psychologists, representatives of local institutions responsible for domestic affairs, representatives of local institutions responsible for labour and social security, Cyprus Turkish Guards Union, lawyers, and other local institutions aim to cooperate.

Furthermore, the ‘Rehabilitation Platform for Ex-Prisoners’, established in collaboration within the scope of the assignment, aims to create the goals of the project sustainable.

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