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Gönyeli-Alayköy Municipality calls for public attention against mosquitoes and pests!

The Gönyeli (Kioneli)-Alayköy (Gerolakkos) Municipality is carrying out mechanical, biological and public awareness activities to tackle mosquitoes and pests, it has been reported.

Following pest control at 1,402 houses in the last 6 months, the municipality has detected 2,292 maggot sources and has called for public assistance on the matter.
After studies on mosquitoes, which are one of the major problems, especially in the summer months, the municipality statement said that efforts have been conducted throughout the year in line with European Union standards.

To protect public health and relieve the discomfort caused by mosquitoes, advanced methods are being used to reduce the mass of mosquitos, the statement reports. Biological control is being implemented to detect areas where flies are heavily hatched.
The municipality has issued several public warnings to prevent mosquitoes from breeding:

– Buckets, barrels and water tanks should be tightly closed or if in the open air, water should be changed once a week…and unused hose pipes should be stored away to prevent the accumulation of water.
-Tubs, wheelbarrows, small containers and unused pots should be turned upside down to prevent the build-up of water … Pools should be maintained and cleaned.
– Care should be taken to prevent water pile-ups following domestic cleaning such as (the cleaning of carpet, glass, blinds, and car washing).
– Leaking water tanks, broken garbage lids, and broken manhole covers should also be repaired immediately.

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