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Fisher “We want to be a force bringing people together”

US Ambassador to Cyprus Julie Fisher said that they want to be a force for bringing people together and helping them find all of the areas in which they share commonalities.

Ambassador Fisher has talked to Voice International during the Play for Peace bi-communal event which took place on Saturday.

Ambassador Fisher joined U.S. Embassy Nicosia Marine Security Guards as they teamed up with Peace Players Cyprus to lead 80 Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot teens in games of basketball, soccer, touch football, and wiffle ball.

She stated that events like Peace Players are bringing kids together to understand how much they have in common and what it is that they share.

“For the American Embassy and for me it’s just a real pleasure to be associated with this. We want to be a force for bringing people together and helping them find all of the areas in which they share commonalities. This is a fantastic event. Peace Players has been such an important partner for us at the embassy for so many years. We are really happy to join them together” she said.


Ambassador Fisher made a speech before the event took place. She stated that they reflect on sports not only as a source of fun, but as a unifying force which transcends borders, challenges gender and cultural stereotypes, and shows the value of fair play.

“Sports can teach us how to overcome obstacles, how to win or lose gracefully, and how to treat an opponent with dignity” she said.

She emphasised that the lessons of persistence, mutual respect, and friendship are important everywhere, but it’s more crucial in Cyprus.


She continues as follows:
“I am truly moved by the phenomenal work Peace Players Cyprus has done on this island for over 17 years.

Through the universal language of sport, Peace Players has changed minds, opened hearts, and created connections that will last a lifetime.
Your passion and dedication to a peaceful, multicultural Cyprus will be what helps reunify this beautiful island”.

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