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Drugs detected in İskele and Lefkoşa!

Two individuals aged 39 and 37 were arrested in İskele (Trikomo) yesterday following a police raid under the name ‘Kıyı’ Operation by the Prevention of Narcotics and Smuggling team.

According to a poliçe report, a substance believed to be a cannabis-type (marijuana) drug weighing around 1 kilogram, was detected in a vehicle used by the 39-year-old individual at around 5.30 pm yesterday and taken as evidence. The individuals in question have been arrested.

Meanwhile, approximately 30 grams of cannabis, a cocaine-type drug weighing approximately 2 grams, MDMA (Ecstasy) type drugs weighing approximately 3 grams, and two grinders and two scales believed to contain drug deposits, were confiscated by the Prevention of Narcotics and Smuggling team in Lefkoşa (Nicosia) yesterday at the residential address of a 27 and 24-year-old suspect.

The individuals in question have been arrested and an investigation into both incidents is ongoing.

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