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Bi-communal photographer trip organized in Larnaca

A trip for those who enjoy taking photos was organized by the Cyprus Turkish Photography Association (FODER) to increase cooperation and information sharing between associations.

The event held in Larnaca on Sunday April the 9th was attended by the head and members of the (FODOS) Association, the Yıltan Taşçı Academy (YTA), and the head of the Cyprus Photographic Society Panicos Stelikos.

The group consisting of 50 people came together and took pictures of the villages which preserved historical texture in Larnaca. Great attention was given to the historical texture, of houses, and streets in the Lefkara Village.

The head of the Cyprus Turkish Photography Association (FODER) Ramadan Gümüşok said that such events will continue to increase sharing between associations. Gümüşok thanked those who contributed to the event.

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