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Be cautious when selling house with solar panel!

Incentives for the transition to renewable energy that has been continuing for a long time in North Cyprus have been stopped due to the high demand, it has been reported.
Hundreds of people who benefit from solar energy following the installation of solar panels at their homes are continuing to benefit from the system as a result of their contract with the Cyprus Turkish Electricity Authority.
According to the Bağımsız News, a citizen wanting to sell his/her house with a fitted solar panel can sell the home and transfer the title deed, but the solar panel is not included. A different procedure is applied for the solar panel; it has been reported.
Anyone that purchases or rents a house will not have the right to claim money from the Cyprus Turkish Electricity Authority (KIB-TEK) or agree on a settlement regarding the kWh on the solar panel.
Only the former owner of the house is eligible to claim money from the institution for the remaining kWh on this panel. The remaining energy offset is calculated for the month and if this amount is more than consumed, the consumer is paid at the lowest tariff applied.
According to the newspaper, many people who were victimized by this issue called for the statute to be changed.

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