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Airplane from Beirut made emergency landing at Ercan!

A Turkish Airlines (THY) airplane that took off from Beirut, the capital of Lebanon requested an emergency landing at Ercan Airport last night due to an engine failure.

The THY airplane was heading from Beirut to Dalaman.

An alert was issued at the airport for the emergency landing, reports say.

According to the Bağımsız newspaper, the plane was able to land at the airport without any problems and passengers were taken to the waiting room while technical teams carried out examinations.

31 passengers and 6 cabin attendants were on the plane.

Head of the Air Traffic Controllers Union Cem Kapısız said that the plane bound for Türkiye from Beirut made an emergency landing at Ercan Airport, shortly after take-off due to its engine failure.

Kapısız stated that no problems were experienced during the landing of the plane at Ercan.

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